Hello dear community, we have news from the development front to share with you. Today we’d like to introduce you to a whole new game mode coming with the full release: OUTBREAK



The outbreak mode is a completely new game mode within skirmish mode. In this mode, the zombies do not approach in waves, but gather to an immense horde to storm the base all at once!

To prepare for this dangerous crowd the mission starts with an extended planning phase that will allow you to build your base, gather resources, explore towers, and so forth. When the time is up, the second defense phase starts. Then it shows if the planning turns out to be good and the base resists the hordes of wild beasts. This new challenging mode will be especially fun for those who prefer to have a more relaxing build phase at the beginning before all hell let loose.


Since the base really has to endure a lot in outbreak mode, you can build barricades to improve the defense. They can be used to fortify your towers and buildings or just to slow down enemies. Enemies will of course try to destroy them should they get in their way.

And since we are already there, Skirmish mode will get a nice overwork. After reworking our balancing and UI/UX, setting up procedurally generated waves will be even more fun.


As we’re nearing our full release we will be increasing the price of our game to 19.99 € / 21.99 $ to reflect the extra time and effort we have put into the game since the beginning of Early access. We wanted to welcome new players with a 10% launch discount, and because of Steam’s rules about pricing we need to change the price ahead of launch day to do this. Therefore, the price increase will take place on the 4th of March while we’re still in Early Access. So if you want to get a great deal you now have the chance to do so and buy the game before the 4th of March!

There’s currently a lot going on regarding development and we can’t wait to share all the new stuff with you. We’re also very thankful for our community which contributed some awesome ideas to the game. Stay tuned for more exciting news from the development front and as always share the news, tell your friends – any support is very much appreciated! If you want to stay updated about further development of the game you can also follow us on our social media channels here:

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Thank you and have fun playing!
Miriam & Marc
Over and out!