We have great news for you: New & free SKIRMISH UPDATE will be available on the 7th of November!

That means from next week you can freely customize the game and experiment with what you can stand. Choose from one of the campaign maps, set your preferred enemy types, adjust the enemy waves, define your start resources and off you go. The long awaited skirmish mode will let you play with all kinds of different settings, play against only one type of enemy, or against an enormous amount of enemy hordes. Based on your settings, a game is being generated procedurally, so every play session will be different.
On top of that the update introduces a second, new Twitch mode. Viewers can participate in the game and vote to either sabotage the Twitcher by building a horrible enemy wave or support them by voting for help.

We are currently polishing the last details and can’t wait to release this new update. We are super excited to hear if you like the modes as much as we do!
Stay tuned and be ready!

Over and out
Marc + Miriam