After more than two and a half years of hard work we reach a great milestone. As you can expect, we’ve been looking forward to this moment for so long.

Today, at six o’clock in the evening (CET) MarZ Rising will be available on Steam Early Access! WOOOHOOO!!!

From then on everyone out there can enjoy playing our game, at least the first 13 missions of the planed 20 mission campaign. During Early Access we’ll first concentrate on finalising the story campaign. But we have a lot of great features in mind we’d love to add, depending on the feedback of our players.
There’ll definitely come up some surprises for you guys and it would be great to have you on board to support us in the further development of MarZ Rising.

But today let’s celebrate our release. Thanks to you and to everyone who supports us!
You are awesome!

Now, do what ever you have to until 18:00 – and then play the game! 🙂