A new update from Mars is here! This update brings you shiny (Steam) achievements, a new profile page and more. It also comes up with some internal changes which makes everything ready for our next major update – skirmish mode!

Profile page

The new profile page can be viewed in the mission menu and gives you a great overview about your current progress. It shows up your mission stats, collected perks and earned achievements.


The hunt for achievements has begun! We’ve implemented a broad range of achievements. Some are quite easy to get while others are not. Let’s see if you’ll manage to get all of them.

Screenshot mode

It is now possible to completely hide the in game UI by pressing the F2 key. This allows you to create some nice looking screenshots! And of course: We’d love to see them in the shared screenshot section at our Steam Community Hub! <3

New voice over

We’ve replaced our english Captain Tobin voice with a new one! Our new voice actor Stephen Shivers, did a really great job. The fact that he’s a native english speaker really pushes the overall quality of the game. For all our german users out there, don’t worry, there’s also a new german voice over in the making and coming with the next update.

21:9 Support

Upon requests we’ve added 21:9 resolution support. This one is kind of difficult for us to test, so should there be any issues please let us know.

Engine upgrade

We’ve finally managed to upgrade our project to a new engine version. this should fix some minor graphical bugs and improves overall stability.

Besides of all those new stuff and changes we’ve made some smaller bug fixes as well and did some polishing work here and there. We’re also preparing and working full steam on the skirmish mode which will be our next big update! This will be really exciting for us and of course for you as well!

As always share the news, tell your friends. Any support is very appreciated! 🙂

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Thank you and have fun playing!
Miriam & Marc
Over and out!


  • New: Achievements
  • New: Profile page
  • New: 21:9 Support
  • New: English voice for cpt. Tobin
  • New: Setcard FX
  • New: Smooth Camera
  • New: Screenshot mode
  • ——————————
  • Changed: Unity Engine version
  • ——————————
  • Bugfix: Extractor truck behaviour
  • Bugfix: Voice outro stop bug
  • Bugfix: In some situation, energy hubs did not free up slot when selling buildings.
  • Several smaller bugfixes and code optimizations