This post is dedicated to our towers. In MarZ Rising you will have the choice of 5 different towers, each with 3 upgrade levels. As for now 4 of them are ready. So we thought you might like to see some of our art stuff.


The Machine Gun Tower is our all-rounder. At the beginning of the mission, the player will have only this tower in his construction menu. All other towers first need to be researched in the Tech Center to build them.

While designing the towers, we paid particular attention to the fact that each of the towers has very specific abilities. After all it shall be a challenge to use the right towers depending on the situation. Actually each tower can be used to defend against any enemy, but according to the situation using the ‚right’ tower is much more effective.
The Machine Gun Tower quickly shoots nearby enemies, while the Laser Tower constantly burns remote enemies. The Rocket Launcher is a perfect match for large enemy groups and the Tesla Tower works as an additional tower to slow enemies, giving the other towers more time to eliminate the waves. The last one will be super mighty for sure. The Drones Tower sends flying Laser Drones to single enemies to attack them even if they are far away – very useful against boss enemies.


Since each tower can be upgraded twice, another important point was to concept three levels which differed well from another. Beside the growing model each tower got a color scheme to distinguish even more from each other. Creating that defense which looks like a unity and differs at the same time was a bit challenging, but I think we made it.
At this point we also like to introduce Lukas Vogl (artstation). He did a damn good job modelling and texturing all our towers. Therefore: thumbs up, Lukas!

And finally, in case you haven’t seen it yet, again our latest trailer. We think this one really needs to be spread out a bit more, so please share if you like it!